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You don’t have to learn how to use Wordpress or any other website platform. Update Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus, Google Local, Pinterest, or Instagram – and your website automatically incorporates your posts, photos, links, and other information. No back-end techie knowledge required.

What keeps most of our clients from updating their website is twofold: it’s tedious, and it’s not intuitive. When you’ve already spent time uploading a ton of photos onto Facebook quickly and easily, the very idea of spending a lot more time figuring out how to upload those same photos to your website seems like way too much work – so it doesn’t get done.

With 12engines, you can keep doing the easy updates – and the more difficult website updates take care of themselves.


Most of our clients come to us with a website they’re not that happy with, and a handful of social media tools that they love using. The website never gets updated because it’s way more complicated to keep everything current, but social media gets updated all the time.

One of the big downsides to only making updates on social media is that Google doesn’t recognize those platforms for high search ranking. A constantly updated website? That’s what Google likes to see. When you use 12engines, you’re just updating your social media as usual, but since it updates your website at the same time, you get high SEO with no extra effort.

Accept Donations

We’re a big fan of non-profits, and we know one of the reasons they wind up developing expensive websites is simply to have a place to receive donations. We host a donation platform that lets you receive donations securely and easily and send branded thank-you emails to every donor automatically.

Trust is a big issue for donors, and they’re more likely to go through with their donation if they can go through their entire transaction on your website. We want it to be easy for your donors to give you money, so our platform is part of your website; they never need to navigate away or doubt their donation.


Websites that haven’t been updated noticeably in months lose credibility with new customers – their assumption is that the owners don’t care that much. Since you can update 12engines without having to pay hundreds to your developer, keeping your website’s information current and customer-friendly is the easiest thing in the world.

That gives you time to focus on your business – instead of on your website.

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Unifying the Social Network Islands


Every photo, event and update you create on Facebook is automatically part of your website.

Also users can interact with their Facebook accounts directly on your website. So, the conversation can continue from your website and Facebook page.


When users leave tips we register them as reviews and give you the option to display them on your website.

Google Plus

When users "plus" your page your website actually shows up higher in the search results of their contacts.


Every photo in your gallery can be easily pinned.

Google Plus